LDS Film Festival panel discusses current state of LDS cinema (Daily Herald)

Goodman started off the panel by citing the 2019 festival’s diverse film selections as an example of how LDS cinema has evolved to include grittier filmmaking and tougher subjects, like racism in “Jane and Emma” and “Black, White and US.”

“If you recall the whole lineup that we have this year, we have a wide variety of films that deal with big topics,” Goodman said.

The festival president then asked Larson her thoughts as a writer on how the LDS cinema audience has evolved. Larson said church members are hungry for real, relatable, honest stories that treat their faith seriously, but at the same time aren’t preachy.

“It’s really important that the story comes first, and so with ‘Jane and Emma,’ it was really important that these women and their story and their friendship be up front and that’s what we were focusing on,” Larson said. “It’s just such an important thing that these women were friends at all, that they had a relationship. It shouldn’t be as surprising as it is to people, and that we’re in a place where that’s welcome is really exciting.”

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